We have partnered with industry leaders to deliver the highest quality Voice solutions for you. Previously, Telkom lines were okay but now, aging Copper networks and Telkom's slow response to faults have forced many to move away. Fortunately, telecommunications has come a long way with VoIP and we can confidently advise you to move to this dynamic and flexible technology.

Benefits of VoIP are the quick turnaround time for installations and substantial cost savings when compared to Telkom landline and other products.


Phone Systems Sales and Rentals

Are you?

  • Starting a business and need to get connected to your first clients?
  • A small or medium enterprise?
  • A large enterprise with a number of offices?

NWO has a solution for you whether you just starting off, need to upgrade or just to want save money?

We can help.


We offer

  • Analogue, Digital and VoIP systems
  • Hosted solutions for the most flexibility
  • On premises solution for cost savings
  • Phone lines
  • Premicell phone lines
  • Telephone call management
  • Full cabling and maintenance

Some basic PBX features

  • Call Barring
    Limit calls from in-house only to international, or anywhere in-between • individually set, per extension number
  • Pin Codes
    Prevent unauthorised phone usage see who is making calls and from where
  • Call Recording
    Know the facts and record all phone conversations • Eliminate “you said, they said” improve how your staff interact with clients
  • Voicemail
    Never lose a lead or client • Leave messages directly at the extension • Leave an after-hours message • Notify your customers of standby contact numbers
  • Digital receptionist
    Deal with calls quickly and efficiently
  • Smart call routing
    Create ring groups • round robin for sales reps • forward calls to on the road mangers or sales reps

MAN 3000 Telephone Management System

Control your call costs!

  • Are your call costs skyrocketing?
  • Do you know who’s calling who?
  • Can you pinpoint all those long and unproductive phone calls?
  • Does your existing MAN 3000 always warn you that it’s over 365 days old?

The MAN 3000 time and date stamps all incoming and outgoing calls, and includes details like the extension used, call duration and cost. It is highly customizable and is easy to use, sending reports to a network-connected computer, for easy retrieval and analysis.

NWO is an approved installer and service agent for MAN 3000 telephone management system.

nwo 3000 man

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