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  • Is your cabling in a mess?
  • Are your computers slooooow?
  • Do you know what goes where?
  • Does your IT guru shake his head every time your network crashes?

The heart of any business’ communications infrastructure is its IT network. It must be fast, efficient and reliable.

All too often workstations and printers are added when needed, and your network grows organically. Over  time, this ad-hoc growth results in a rats nest of cables, both new and old, that even the IT guru is loathe to delve into.

Call NWO to make sense of it all, toss what is redundant, and get you back on track with a fast, organized and stable network that will serve you well for years to come.

nwo cabling

What we can do for you:
• Data racks and wallbox cabinets • Server room installations • Patch panels • Cable repairs using advanced diagnostic testers • Cable compliance testing, and compliance report generation • Indoor extension cabling • Outdoor and inter-floor link cables • DP boxes • Cable tidies and testing • Cable and patch panel tidies • Power skirting and trunking • Power poles • Data cable compliance reports

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